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Water Hole Custom Leather Inc

BDSM Custom Leather gear for your Pony Boy or Pony Girl

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This is an adult site. By continuing any further you are accepting knowledge of what you are about to see.

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How to find the Water Hole Custom Leather Inc.
Great Pony Pics from over the years showing alot of the Water Hole Gear

E-mail Buck one of the most well known Human Ponies
and designer of pony gear and more.

The WATER HOLE CUSTOM LEATHER INC. has been an innovator of very unique, top quality BDSM bondage gear for over nine years, featuring body harness, collars, leashes, gags, blindfolds, restraints, hoods and a lot more. And has specialized in human pony equipment for over 24 years. All the gear you need to enjoy your pony boy or pony girl in this equestrian scene. Take a look at our "MAKE A PONY" section for ideas on customizing your ideas and bring out the individualism in your items. All items are backed with our satisfaction guarantee. Ask our customers about us, no one has ever had to pay for a repair or upgrade of our equipment.

"How to Make a Pony" we take Buck and Spellbound Through each piece of their tack one by one and show you how you can take your pony and create your own unique design. We have worked with owners Trainers, Femdom Mistress, Masters, ponies, slaves, puppies, and all kinds of fun submissive, to come up with some of the most unique bondage equipment around. All are our original designs and customer work is never repeated.

Do you belong to an organization or group that maybe interested in learning more about pony play or what to look for in gear and how to care for it? If so contact Buck for a demo or work shop on these items. Buck has been doing classes like this for the past 10 years. His 30 years experience in the leather trades with real horse tack and items as well as BDSM gear and 35 years in all phases of commercial, industrial and residential construction, gives him the knowledge and experience in all needs from dungeons to equipment and furniture.

Buck has been involved in the BDSM scene for over 33 years. Goes to numerous events, articles written about Buck are in Equus Eroticus magazines , ponyboy magazine from Other World Kingdom, Le Sexe Bizarre from France, Deviant Desires, Adult News and Entertainment in Texas, and HBO Real Sex #28, many online articles and smaller magazine publications as well, dubbed the Godfather of pony play by Camp Crucible 2006. Also held one of the very first all human pet events in 1997 Erotic Thoroughbreds. Bucks knowledge and insight on pony play is what inspires his creations for tack that he designs. A lot of others out there have tried to duplicate Water Hole items, but none have the quality of warranties that the Water Hole Custom Leather Inc. gives its customers. Look for the little biker horse stamp to insure you have the original Water Hole Brand.

We have been in the business of making the finest quality restraints, harness, and other BDSM equipment for over 15 years. We specialize in human ponyboy and ponygirl equipment, being an innovator of design and functionality for the best looking and hard working harnesses for human ponies. Mike is a certified saddle and harness Craftsman with years of experience in working designs of equipment that work and look great. 90% of what we make is all custom per customers requests.

Are you tired of off the rack that after you buy it and try it you find that it is not exactly what you had hoped for? WE will work with you in the design process to insure you get an item you will be very pleased with.

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